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Bad Decision

Out Now 


This song is a revenge song that is meant to talk about the feelings after a break up and realizing you’re much better without them and living life to its fullest now that you're free.

Not Leaving You
Out Now 

album cover not leaving you.jpeg

This song came from a toxic relationship and the experience I had of being heartbroken and never thought I could find someone else who would make me feel special and understood untiI I met this person and he made it all better and despite what anyone says, I’m not leaving..

My World
Out Now 

my world.jpeg

This song is a power couple above regular standard with a stronger force than an average relationship, knowing how the games played but knowing that they’re playing it too. Like reality doesn’t even comprehend what they’re capable of. Girl power? What’s that really like, You girls have no idea, even though you think you do, you boys don’t know what’s real in my world” so Whattup ahahah

Born On Christmas Day
Out Now 


New single Born On Christmas Day was written by Portuguese-Canadian singer Vicky Rai, and produced by Michael Hanson (Glass Tiger founding member, 5 Junos, Grammy Nominated) . This song is about spending time with family around the holidays -- This song is heartfelt and very sentimental to Vicky as it’s the first time writing a song with her father.

Happy Now
Out Now 

Happy Now Vicky Rai (2) (1) (2).png

"Happy Now" was written by Portuguese-Canadian singer Vicky Rai, her third single with Radar Love Records and her first official outing into the songwriting career she was destined for, with Canadian Producer-Song Writer Michael Hanson (Glass Tiger founding member, 5 Junos, Grammy Nominated) chipping in as well. A 'chill' track about the euphoria of letting go of a bad relationship and finding yourself in the arms of pure freedom, it rolls out an infectious groove with cutting edge production and a whole new feel for Vicky.


A shining new star, sixteen year old vocal sensation from Toronto Canada is steadily becoming Canada's new performer sweetheart. Having been singing live at a number of Portuguese music events since the age of 9 and then spending some time honing her vocals with some girl groups along the way, she met Producer Michael Hanson (Glass Tiger, 5 Junos, Grammy Nom) and the musical sparks flew. "She had the vocal acrobatics of an Aguilera when she was only 11" Hanson states. "Tiny frame, huge voice. She 's special." Vicky now continues to write more of her own original material and spreads her wings into the future!

A Star To Guide Me Home
out now 


A Star To Guide Me Home is an epic, beautiful ballad written by Juno Award winners Michael Hanson and Alan Frew, both original members of Canadian Pop icons "Glass Tiger". Vicky Rai's vocal acrobatics are on full display as she delivers a heart stopping performance to be remembered for years.

Born On Christmas Day
out now 

Every Single Night
out now 

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latest news

vicky featured on moan barrow productions!

Vicky released her debut single "Every Single Night" in 2020. This single was noticed by MOAN BARROW PRODUCTIONS and they wrote an article naming her "The next big thing". 

Click here to read the article.

vicky featured on esccovers


Vicky released a cover of the song "bed" by Joel Corry, RAYE, & David Guetta. The cover got Vicky noticed by ESCCOVERS, and they wrote an article on July 29th about her.

Click here to read the article.

Screen Shot 2021-07-29 at 3.13.42 PM.png
vicky participating in YD2021


Vicky is super excited to be chosen to participate in YouthDay2021! The event will be held on July 25th, 2021 from 11:00am on YouTube. 

Click here to stream the event.


vicky covers popular song


On March 3rd, 2021 Vicky covered the very popular song "Driver's License" by Olivia Rodrigo. Vicky says that she has been obsessed with the song, and has been singing it constantly. She decided to record her own take on the song while playing the piano, and posted it to her YouTube & Socials.

Check out the cover here.



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